Mark Urbanski

Obituary of Mark G. Urbanski

Mark was born in Detroit, Michigan to Zygmunt and Clara Urbanski on April 25, 1958. He is survived by his brothers Kenneth (Gretchen) Urbanski and Patrick (Diane) Urbanski.

Their home at the time of Mark’s birth was close to Briggs Stadium (which later became Tiger Stadium), so both the Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers were followed by Mark all his life. It was during that first year of 1958 that the family moved to Whitmore Lake, Michigan, a rural town completely different from the city life, but the new home was built on a lake which led Mark to his love of the water and boats. That love would eventually lead him to the ocean in California for his work and ultimately to his work in Florida where he enjoyed the Gulf of Mexico. During the Florida years, Mark spent hours helping his mom, Clara, who had relocated to Venice, Florida, after Zyg had passed away. Whether it was a Condo or car issue, Mark was ready to assist. Ken ultimately relocated to Venice, Florida and Pat to North Carolina, but gatherings were always looked forward to. Mark enjoyed catching up with Ken, Gretchen, Doug and Shawn and Pat, Diane, Scott and Christine during these times.

Mark had a passion for sports his entire life and the move to Whitmore Lake put him near Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan, which he attended. The U of M football team was always on his radar and their path to the National Championship in January 2024 was thoroughly enjoyed by Mark.

His following of the Detroit Lions and their first division title in many years started 2024 in a huge way. That brought Mark a lot of smiles and good days. Over the years Ken, Pat and Mark had many gatherings to watch U of M and Lion games. Mark leaving us on February 5 came as such a complete shock. Mark’s love of sports led him to participate in Fantasy Football leagues over the years, and in particular, the “Lido League” in Sarasota, Florida, which he looked forward to every year.

Another lifelong passion was automobiles. During January of this year, Mark was reading Porsch and Acura magazines looking for deals.

Mark attended the University of Michigan in Engineering. He truly was an engineer’s engineer.

· He was awarded fifteen Aerospace and Defense Patents

· In Medical Devices he was awarded thirty-four U.S. or International Patents

· Submitted Forty-Seven successful FDA applications

· He held, in the past, numerous security clearances for the Department of Defense, Air Force and Navy

During Mark’s working career, he enjoyed many of his work positions with friends from Hartland High School. They held positions in New York, Arizona, California and Florida. In these locations, coast to coast, Mark enjoyed playing golf, a sport he began at Hartland High School. Mark gripped the club cross handed, which amazed his playing partners, but yet he was able to have an under three handicap in his prime.

Finally, with his love of water, many Sunday afternoons would find him on Lido Beach in Sarasota, Florida sitting in his Tommy Bahama beach chair with his Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tervis Tumbler filled with his drink of choice with his toes in the sand watching the waves.

Mark will be missed by his family and all his friends he crossed paths with over the years.

In lieu of flowers or planting a tree in Mark's memory the family is requesting that donations are being accepted to place a placque on a bench near the Venice Beach where Mark liked to spend his time.  This can be sent directly to Mark's brother, Patrick Urbanski.

Patrick Urbanski

11008 Round Rock Road

Charlotte, NC 28277


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