One of the most attractive and distinctive features of Venice Memorial Gardens is the mausoleum and private family areas. In these sections, families have established the most permanent type of memorial, choosing from the finest materials, designs, and craftsmanship available.

Private Family Mausoleums

An exclusive, stately tribute to a family, these memorials lend themselves to a family’s architectural preference. A family may have their choice of fine, imported granite; custom accessories such as stained glass windows and bronze doors; custom engravings and custom landscaping. Due to recent improvements in engineering and construction techniques, the construction of a family mausoleum costs less than you might think.

Preassembled Mausoleums

These affordable units are preassembled and delivered to the cemetery site for placement. These units can be personalized through a number of options such as urns, vases, and wings. Most designs accommodate one to six family members but can be designed to include more.

Custom engravings of meaningful value may be added to make the mausoleum an individualized testament to your life.

Preassembled Vestibule Mausoleums

These units allow for private, personal meditation and a means of continued memorialization by family and loved ones. Each design is assembled into a single structure and is delivered to the cemetery site for placement. Most designs accommodate one to six family members but can be designed to include more.

In addition to the exterior of the mausoleum, personal design enhancements and engravings may be added to the interior walk-in vestibule.

Signature Mausoleums

Signature Family Estates are our most ambitious designs, featuring grand structures with breathtaking embellishments and extensive granite landscaping and statuary. Signature Family Estates are developed after in-depth consultation between family members and our masterful designers, who can design or include any personalized feature desired by family members.

Our experience in family estate mausoleum design includes placement in our cemetery and others. Should you choose a location other than Venice Memorial Gardens, we can help.

Community Mausoleums

Above-ground entombment, a choice once reserved for the wealthy, is now available to families at prices comparable to that for in-ground burial. Venice Memorial Gardens’ community mausoleums offer the beauty of granite, and their tasteful decor ensures a respectful and serene atmosphere. Some available options include:

  • “Wall of Mercy” Catholic mausoleum
  • “Corner of Courage” veteran mausoleum
  • “Peace” Ukrainian mausoleums
  • Many non-denominational mausoleum choices