Cremation Options

Important Reasons to Choose Tranquility as Your Cremation Garden

  • The garden is beautiful. From the lush landscaping to the serene sounds of a professionally designed water feature, our garden offers a serene environment for personal visitation and reflection.
  • We offer the only cremation garden in the area with a Care and Maintenance Guarantee. Our unique guarantee is funded through a state-regulated endowment fund. There is no additional cost for this.
  • We are the only cremation garden in the area regulated by the state of Florida. Through audits and inspections, our cremation garden meets standards set forth by law. These laws are important and serve to protect you and your heirs.
  • You and your family have many choices and options for a personalized and meaningful memorial.
  • All services and maintenance activities are performed by uniformed professionals. No part-timers and no volunteers, just a driven commitment from a full-time staff.
  • Should you change your mind or relocate to another area, all cremated remains are retrievable. Many cremation gardens irreversibly pour the cremated remains into the ground.
  • For your peace of mind, all locations within the garden are uniquely identified through a digital mapping system. There will never be confusion as to which location you select or where the remains of your loved one are located.
  • All placements of the remains and memorial installations are verified through digital mapping and our “triple check" process. For your peace of mind, we guarantee that all placements of remains and memorial installations will be performed on time and correctly.
  • You are always provided the opportunity to mark the location with a memorial of your choosing. Many cremation gardens simply disallow a memorial or will not allow the actual location to be marked.