Since 1974, generations of families have chosen Venice Memorial Gardens as a beautiful final resting place. The meticulously maintained landscaped gardens and glens offer a variety of meaningful permanent memorials.

What We Offer

Venice Memorial Gardens has a unique collection of options for specific religions, veterans, secular, private, and community spaces for traditional burial and cremation.


One of Venice Memorial Gardens' most attractive and distinctive features are the mausoleums and private family areas. These mausoleums offer a beautiful way to remember and honor your loved one. 

We can help you explore the customization options to reflect specific personalities, preferences, and beliefs. There are many options for different materials, designs, and inscriptions. Multiple generations of family members can be interred together in the same mausoleum. 

Mausoleums are considered a traditional or preferred burial method in some cultures or religions. Choosing a mausoleum can be a way to honor these traditions and beliefs.

Custom Family & Private Mausoleums

Our private family mausoleums are a lasting tribute and offer many customization options. A family may choose fine imported granite, custom accessories such as stained glass windows and bronze doors, engravings, and landscaping. Some families include a vestibule for private meditation and reflection. 

Signature mausoleums feature grand structures with breathtaking embellishments, extensive granite landscaping, and statuary. A signature family estate ensures that generations remain together in a personalized designed and built mausoleum.

Community Mausoleums

Our community mausoleums offer the beauty of granite, and their tasteful decor ensures a respectful and serene atmosphere. 

Some of our permanent cremation memorials include:

  • “Wall of Mercy” Catholic mausoleum
  • “Corner of Courage” veteran mausoleum
  • “Peace” Ukrainian mausoleums
  • Many non-denominational mausoleum choices

Traditional Burial

Many memorial park areas accommodate ground burial, with several opportunities for monuments and other memorials. Families who prefer ground burial may choose from several peaceful, beautiful garden areas.

Our ground burial options include the following:

  • Garden of Mercy (Catholic)
  • Garden of Honor (Veterans)
  • Garden of Eden (Jewish)
  • Ukrainian Gardens
  • Non-denominational/Non-sectarian Gardens
  • Garden of Prophecy (reserved for families who prefer traditional upright granite monuments)
  • Garden of Angels

Cremation Gardens

Venice Memorial Gardens has many meaningful ways to inter and memorialize after cremation. One popular choice for families is our Garden of Tranquility. From the lush landscaping to the serene sounds of a professionally designed water feature, our cremation garden offers a peaceful environment for personal visitation and reflection.

Explore our cemetery

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